Pull list comic reviews: New Mutants, Young Liars, Power Girl, Astro City, Umbrella Academy, and more

Here’s what I picked up in the past two weeks at my local retailer, Comics N More.

New Mutants #1 (Zeb Wells, Diogenes Neves): One part nostalgia, one part creative curiosity has me picking up this issue. I’m hoping they do something decent with the title. The Claremont/Sienkiewicz run on the original series had a profound impact on me and remains one of my favourite of the comics I purchased back in the 80s.

Young Liars #15 (David Lapham): Lapham’s mind trip that is, sadly, canceled as of issue #18. This is the title I most look forward too each month.

House of Mystery #13:  Despite some of the negative reviews I read about this series, it continues to deliver.

Terror Inc. Apocalypse Soon (David Lapham, Koi Turnball, Scott Hanna): The original limited series was gloriously grotesque. Here’s hoping for good things with the follow-up.

Astro City The Dark Age Book Three #1 (Kurt Busiek, Brent E. Anderson): I recently finished reading the entire series (which I picked up on eBay for a great price). The Dark Age has been up and down for me so far, but I’m sticking it through to see how it wraps up.

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas (Gerard Way, Gabriel Ba) #6: I believe this is the last issue of the second mini-series. The first volume was quirky and a lot of fun. I’ve been saving up the run of volume 2 with the intent to read them all at once.

The Unwritten #1 (Mike Carey, Peter Gross): I enjoyed Carey’s Crossing Midnight, but haven’t had the chance to read any of their stint on Lucifer.

Run! (Matthew Sturges, Freddi Williams II): I’ll be honest – I picked this up because I was curious to read how Sturges would write a superhero book, the cover looked cool and I really like the series title. I’ve not read a single comic connected to the DC Crisis event, so I’m hoping I can follow along.

Power Girl (Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner): I saw a few pages of this posted on some message board or blog and was immediately taken. I’m hoping for something fun like Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen’s Nextwave. There are also too few women artists in comics, so I’m often tempted to check out their work.

So this is a lot of books for two weeks, far more than I normally pick up.


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