Comic review: The Unwritten

Silver Snail manager Kin really likes Vertigo‘s The Unwritten (Mike Carey, Peter Gross).

The Unwritten #1 – Quick, run out and buy this book. It’ll only cost you a buck Canuck (unless your store charges more than US cover). W-Mike Carey and A-Peter Gross have created a replacement for the lamented Y the Last Man.
This is a story about stories and what might happen if they become real. Tom Taylor is the son of a famous author whose hugely successful series of books are based on a magic wielding boy named Tommy Taylor ala Harry Potter. When a girl shows up to question his lineage, Tom’s life changes dramatically. If you liked Mike Carey’s last Vertigo book “Crossing Midnight”, you’ll love this.”

I haven’t had a chance to crack open my copy yet. I’ve just finished volume four of Fables TPB (Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham). I think “March of the Wooden Soldiers” might be my favourite arc on the title so far.


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