Browsing the DC site

…between other tasks, and I came across the following:

This week, The Last Days of Animal Man ships. The premise sounds interesting. I like Gerry Conway, and I’m hoping this series reads like a good sci-fi yarn.

Batman and Robin: It seems DC has found a stand-in for Frank Miller and Jim Lee’s unfinished All Star Batman. I don’t normally get excited about superhero books, but when Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely  team up, I have a difficult time saying no. With a track record that includes All Star Superman, New X-Men, and more, add it to my pull list. 

Dead Romeo: Has anyone read this LS? Is it any good? Not a huge vampire fan, but I like a good horror story. I know nothing about it other than the description posted at the link. Based on that, it seems this might be a better fit under the Vertigo imprint.


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