Toronto Bicycle Station grand opening

Because my bike is still being repaired, I took the transit to work today and stumbled upon the grand opening of the Bicycle Station at Union Station and got myself a free copy of Toronto’s newest cycling magazine, Dandyhorse (thank you Cheryl Stevens).

It’s located in The Teamway, which is the pedestrian tunnel running along York St. at Front. In a room that looks like it might previously have been a utility or storage room of some sort, the city has installed nearly 200 bike parking spaces. Here’s a link to more information and a map – click on the PDF brochure. (You may need to load/refresh the page once or twice – it broke for me when I first loaded it up.)

I don’t know if this is intended for Go commuters who leave their bikes in Toronto overnight or else bring them into the city on the train as a more secure option to locking it up at the suburban Go stations, but it’s a pretty cool idea. According to the staff member I spoke with, there are still locker spots available.

The city also has a cycling newsletter, Cyclometer.

Other cycling news:

It’s official, Bikes win in Jarvis overhaul reports The Toronto Star. But Miller’s ‘war on the car’ will haunt him, say opponents (Globe and Mail) – pretty much the usual suspects speaking out against the plan.


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  1. Thank you, looking forward to many more visits. Regards, Roger


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