Cold water on crosstown bike lane

Plans for a crosstown Bloor-Danforth bike lane have switched gears from full steam ahead to “consult and review.”

Not surprising, really. I follows the news and last week’s statement from city councillor Adrian Heaps, who chairs the cycling committee, seemed premature considering everything I’ve read about approving Toronto city projects, especially something that impacts businesses. (The brouhaha over the St. Clair dedicated streetcar lane immediately comes to mind.)

I don’t want to slam council for being bogged down in procedure any more than other large cities around the world. But if you work in city hall, you know full well how people are going to react to this sort of announcement and the process involved before moving forward on a project like this bike lane. So you end up looking a bit like an amateur when you backpeddle on a statement.

I can see the plan going ahead from Vic. Park to Pape with little problem. But getting into Greektown and further West is going to be a bit of a battle.


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