Marvel gets Strange

Strange Tales #1     






Strange Tales #1

When I read this I nearly fell off my chair. Tony Millionaire, Jason, Paul Pope, and more offer an alt comix take on Marvel characters in the aptly titled, three-issue series  Strange Tales. Finally something from Marvel to get excited about. Although the Jason Aaron/Tony Moore team-up on Ghost Rider is worth praising.

I actually don’t care that DC did this first with Bizarro Comics! and Bizarro World – using some of the same creators, no less. Those books are lot of fun to read. But I have to wonder if putting out Strange Tales in the floppy format is even worth it? Part of me says wait until the hardcover trade is available. I’ll want to display this sucker on my bookshelf, easy access for flipping through every once in a while.

A friend suggested a story I’d love to see given the Strange Tales treatment. An Astonishing X-Men story by Adrian Tomine and featuring Kitty Pryde. She’s somehow escaped the Whedon space bullet and found her way back to Earth. Now she’s on a cross-country bus travelling to the X-Men’s new digs on the West Coast and is pissed as hell that her teammates didn’t try harder to save her from oblivion.


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