Fantagraphics on YouTube

I just came across the Fantagraphics channel on YouTube where they post video previews (no audio) of newly released books as well as the latest issue of The Comics Journal.

I haven’t read the Journal in a long time. In fact, the last issue I have is the Best of 2006 from Feb ’07. It’s always seemed like the kind of thing I should be picking up and reading regularly. But I just can’t shake the feeling that the people at TCJ don’t really like comics. Maybe dislike is too strong, but they sure do seem to go out of their way to either ignore or piss on anything that’s slightly mainstream. Now, I don’t think I could read past the first few pages of Wizard. I must have been 18 or 19 years old the last time I picked that up, and nothing I’ve seen since has enticed me to buy. But TCJ is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum: comics snobbery with a big hate on for the big publishers, mainstream and superheroes. (Hence why I spend so much time reading about comics online – to find that sane middle ground).

However I was very interested by this video preview feature and watched a few of them (which are in the new video feed you’ll see on this page).  I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. The clips  for TCJ #298 piqued my curiosity: an interview with Gabriel Ba (I loved his work on The Umbrella Academy, so am excited to learn more), lots more strips and excerpts than I recall, and a few other interesting tidbits that looked promising. I embedded the clip so you can see for yourself:

The discovery of this channel also prompted me to explore the Vodpod widget for WordPress. So I’m now excited to offer a video feed feature on the blog.

Another recent enhancement as of this weekend: Comic Book Summaries was kind enough to let me publish a feed for his summaries blog here. Now you can keep up with what’s happening in the latest issues of the top Marvel and DC titles, as well as their weekly shipping lists. (Thank you CBS.)

Finally, I added a Books about Comics page to the blog. It’s exactly what the title says: reviews on books that discuss and explore the comics medium. Check it out when you have a minute and please leave a comment.


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  1. Thanks for talking up our YouTube videos! We’re glad you enjoy them. FYI, the same videos are visible in slightly better quality, alongside extensive photo previews, in our Flickr stream:


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