This week: Toronto SpeakEasy Comic Book Show

Toronto SpeakEasy, a monthly gathering of the city’s creative community, hosts its annual Comic Book Show this coming Thursday, Nov 58pm-midnight at the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen West, second floor lobby).

The main event is in the evening, but I think you might be able to pop in any time during the day to check it out. It’s pay what you can, but suggested donation is $4. Official blurb from the SpeakEasy web site.

Toronto is home to some of the best-known comics artists in North America. We have an active and vibrant community putting out some of the highest quality comics to be found anywhere. The SpeakEasy Comics Show features an eclectic mix of Toronto’s talented comic book artists – from those who do newspaper strips and political cartoons, to underground comix and mainstream superhero comic books! The event promises to display an exciting cross-section of the comics’ community here in Toronto, as well as a glimpse into how good comics are made. As the old cliché goes, there really will be something for everyone.

The complete list of exhibitors includes:

  • Hard Drive issue #1, Cyberpunk Comics

    Toronto Comic Arts Festival (featuring work by Marc Bell, Darwyn Cooke, Evan Dorkin, James Jean, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Seth and more)

  • Matthew Daley
  • Ian Daffern, Freelance Blues
  • DMF Comics & Elsewhere Media, Chris Hatzopoulos & George Todorovski
  • George Michael Faust
  • Gibson Quarter
  • Lamin Martin
  • Awesome Marcus Ninja, Joel Buxton & Shane Heron
  • rutz (a.k.a. Ruth Tait), Talking Pictures
  • David James
  • Ben Rivers
  • Dale Camus
  • Greg Dunford,
  • Shane Kirshenblatt Freefall Entertainment
  • The Joe Shuster Awards

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