Toronto comic shop news

The Joe Shuster Awards web site reports some good news/bad news about the Toronto comic retail scene.

The Good News: 3rd Quadrant Comics repoened its doors on Nov 5.  The Shuster blog chronicles owner Daryl C. Collison’s trials and tribulations in finding a new location. Needless to say all the indie shops are getting squeezed out of Queen W, where 3rd Quadrant used to be located. Unfortunately for downtowners, it’s moved all the way up to Yonge and Steeles. The “new” Queen West is shiny and new, but it’s lost much of its personality.

The Bad News: it appears that Grey Region has closed its doors of its downtown location on Yonge near Wellesely.  When it first opened back in the late 80’s,  it too was located on Queen St. along with 3rd Quadrant, the Silver Snail (which is still there), and a few others who have since moved location or closed down. I shopped Grey Region because they had great prices on new paperbacks. I’ll also remember it as the store where I picked up the full run of Wintermen when I first got back into comics a few years ago.

If you’re shopping along Yonge, there are still 1,000,000 Comix, Hairy Tarantula and BMV Books next door to the World’s Biggest Bookstore near the Eaton Centre.



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3 responses to “Toronto comic shop news

  1. Huw

    I’m sorry to hear it. I remember when I wanted the first issue of Buffy Season 8 and got there a little late, 1M Comics were gouging $15 (a-holes) while Grey Region had it at face value.


  2. Daryl Collison

    Thanks for keeping the peeps informed about us.

    Just a quick note, we are having our grand re-opening on the 12th of December.

    I teamed up with Leon of the Hairy Tarantula and we now have a 5000 sq. ft. store at Yonge and Steeles. We are open now (go to for hours and info.

    Again a hearty thanks and please pop in to say hi.


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