Coming soon: Kill Shakespeare

The only two things I really know about the new series Kill Shakespeare is that it’s published by IDW and comes out on April 7. But I was intrigued by co-creator Conor McCreery’s description.

Conor lives in Toronto and previously worked for BNN (Business News Network), which is Canada’s 24-hour business news TV channel.

The first video clip has very little depth. It could use a description of the series, at the very least, as well as include a few examples of comic titles he’s into right now. But what’s included about the series concept is interesting enough that I want to give it a shot.

This trailer offers a bit more tease.

This link on the publisher’s site has some “official” info. And the creator blog is neat.

Besides  if Shakespeare was alive today, he (or she? ) would probably be writing comics. Right? 🙂


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  1. An excellent critique on our video… so to answer the question — what AM I into right now?

    Well…. trade wise I’m re-reading “Transmetropolitain”, I just finished the heart-breakingly excellent “Three Shadows”, and plowed through Darwyn Cooke’s “The Hunter” (fantastic), as well as “Swallow Me Whole” (very thought provoking. i was a little lost at times though), and “Young Liars” (alternately awesome-weird and just weird-weird). I also collect “The Walking Dead” and “Fables”.

    Monthly wise I’m reading “Unwritten”, “Air”(but maybe be dropping it soon), “DMZ”, “Demo”, “Invincible” “The Sword”, “Mice Templar”, “Northlanders” and I just finished the very cool “Complete Dracula”. I’m also giving “Forgetless” “Daytrippers” and “Joe the Barbarian” a shot.

    I’m kinda hit or miss on Morrison “loved The Invisibles”, “Animal Man” and his classic Batman stuff… but often I find him too Morrison…

    As for more about the series — check out our site at


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