Obit: Comics creator Dick Giordano

News this morning that legendary comics creator Dick Giordano has passed away. No word yet on the cause.

As an artist, he was best-known for inking the pencils of his long-time collaborator Neal Adams and worked on a number of critically acclaimed runs of book by DC Comics featuring their top characters, including Batman and Green Lantern. Giordano was editor-in-chief of Charlton Comics starting in the mid-60s where he introduced the superhero line of books for the company. In the early 70s, he joined up with Adams at Continuity Studios before returning to DC where he contributed to the Crisis on Infinite Earths books and also John Byrne’s run on Action Comics and Man of Steel.

Geoff Boucher writes on the Los Angeles Times entertainment blog this week that, of the thousands of comic he owns, his favourite still today is the oversized book “Superman vs. Muhammad Ali” (art by Adams and Giordano).

Newarama has a nice little piece on Giordano’s legacy that includes career highlights.


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