Neill Cameron’s poster of awesomeness

Neill Cameron's A-Z of Awesomeness
Artist Neill Cameron put together 26 posters like the one above for his social media/art project “A-Z of Awesomeness,” a MAD magazine -style parody of geek love and pop-culture references from Hello Kitty to Buffy with a healthy dose of comics. The letter M (above) is my favourite of the group.

(I stumbled across the link to Cameron’s site on a blog but for the life of me can’t remember where it came from, so I apologize to that writer for the lack of credit.)

The concept is interesting. Cameron solicited from the Web community (Twitter, Facebook and his blog) captions that he would draw as an artistic exercise. It’s not exactly crowd-sourcing a piece of art, but there are at least 27 contributors on this project plus all the people whose pitches were rejected.

Cameron also wrestles with a particularly interesting ethics and legal problem. He printed the images into posters and sold them to recoup the increased bandwidth charges created by  the popularity of the project. But since he doesn’t own the copyright to any of the featured characters, the thought of making money from someone else’s intellectual property nagged at his conscience. So after paying the ISP costs, he’s giving the rest of the profits to charity.

His first graphic novel, a self-described “Giant Robot Action Schoolgirl Comedy epic” ‘Mo-Bot High’ will be published in November 2010.



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2 responses to “Neill Cameron’s poster of awesomeness

  1. I’ve got my signed copy up at work. Love his stuff and glad to see he’s getting a second round of recognition for it.


  2. “M” has to be one of my favourites too. Classic stuff and brilliant idea. Hopefully there will be more of the same in November 2010.

    Great blog you’ve got!


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