Marvel makes me sad

Enter the Heroic Age #1

Someone at Marvel Comics made a big mistake.

Every so often, Marvel does something that makes me feel like I’ve been taken as a consumer. This time, it was charging $4 for a book titled “Enter the Heroic Age,” a bungled promotion of the company’s latest creative project.

If you haven’t bought it, don’t bother. Your money is better spent on one of  books that Marvel is tying into their Heroic Age reboot project reprinted in here. At least you’ll get a full story. Instead we get 8 pages pulled straight from upcoming issues of five titles: Thunderbolts, Atlas, Black Widow, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, and Avenger Academy.

This book should be free. I would even tolerate $1 to cover the printing and shipping costs. I mean Vertigo makes entire first issues available for $1, like the recently launched cool monster book I, Zombie.

Enter… is barely a step up from the free Marvel Previews that retailers are shoving in bags with their customers’ purchases. And the book doesn’t even feature the most compelling pages from each book. For instance, why doesn’t the Thunderbolts preview show off Man-Thing, Juggernaut and Moonstone?

For anyone at Marvel that happens to stumble upon this blog post: Please tell me, whose decision was this?



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2 responses to “Marvel makes me sad

  1. 616Guy

    Ummmmm, you do realize that these were all original stories, and not 8 pgs “pulled straight” from the first issues. If you read the book and then the issues, you’d see they set up a bunch of the storylines to come. These weren’t previews or reprints.


    • Derek

      Nope. I didn’t pick up any of the featured books after reading this issue. I had been interested in Thunderbolts and Atlas based on the Previews “Heroic Age” freebie booklet and then this turned me off, which is unfortunate if the goal was to tease new readers into the series. I might go back and grab Thunderbolts at some point.

      Which of the Marvel HC books are you reading? What’s worth checking out?


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