X-Men: Down the crapper

This is a good way to unload those multiple copies of 90s-era comics hanging around and possibly make a profit. This X-Men “decoupaged toilet” is for sale on eBay starting at $495.

A Pegasus dual-flush bowl and tank list for $129 on the Home Depot website. And I have a bunch of Rob Liefeld X-Force #1 books that I can’t give away.

I smell a business opportunity.

“Whether this is a labour or love or a labour of hate, I’m not quite sure.” (via Bleeding Cool)


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One response to “X-Men: Down the crapper

  1. Emmett Furrow

    Feeling a little nostalgic today, found this. I’m xenonouveau and the X-Toilet became the property of Back to the Past Collectables in Detroit…..
    I like your idea of using Liefeld’s X-Force books for future toilets, but there are some things even turds don’t want to land on.


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