Wonder Woman’s less than wonderful makeover

The redesign of Wonder Woman’s new costume spawned a number of lists, like Ranker’s 10 Lamest Costume Changes Ever (slutty Sue Storm is my favourite) and FlavorWire’s list of drastic costume changes. Both include the Wonder Woman makeover from the 60s and electric blue Superman among the winners.

Slutty Sue and the mod squad

As with any changes to a character, there is backlash. People react negatively to the new look. A fan posts a fixed version that does away with the pants. (via CNN) Imogen Fox designs costumes for the modern hero for two of DC’s iconic figures. (via The Guardian)

The best commentary on the Amazon heroine’s new style I’ve found comes from Sonia Harris at Comics Should Be Good. She writes:

For the first time in history, fashion is looking to comic books for inspiration, so why is Jim Lee throwing out everything that is so super about Wonder Woman’s costume now?

This isn’t the early days of Image comics in the 90s where dozens of poorly designed new characters suddenly appeared on comic store shelves and people would snap up any books with the names Rob Liefeld or Jim Lee plastered on the covers regardless of the quality on the page showing complete disregard for taste. There are many more sophisticated readers today bringing a wider range of experience. And they expect more.

Sonia nails the problem.

Men have a tendency to take one glance at mall fashion in their teens, and never look again. Never was this more obvious than in comic books, and the new Wonder Woman costume has to be the pinnacle of this kind of folly. In comic books luckily men are rarely called upon to draw civilians, but when they do, men consistently draw women in clothing that would only have worked 10 or 20 years ago. Sadly, none of them think to employ the advice of stylists or designers. Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood have designed superheroic clothing that is 20 years ahead of it’s time.


Wonder Woman’s new outfit is boring and horribly out of date. It lacks any wonder.

And if you’re a fan of lists, she highlights four fashion crimes committed by Lee with Wonder Woman’s new outfit. Worth the read.


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