Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark – a tangled web?

In today’s The Toronto Star,  theatre critic Richard Ouzounian writes a review of the Spider-Man musical still running in previews. Let’s just say he is less than flattering.

The only truly amazing thing about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, is how unequivocally awful it is.

You can read the rest of the review here. It comes more than week before the NYC critics circle intends on publishing their reviews of the show, which is still running in previews (two months and counting – tick, tock kids).

If you haven’t been following this train wreck of a story, Ouzounian provides a decent recap. Basically after spending $65 million, some of the top talent on Broadway (Julie Taymor, Toronto’s Michael Cohl)  and music (Bono, The Edge) can’t seem to be save this show from the clutches of certain doom.

It’s unfortunate. I was looking forward to checking out the injury-plagued show in March – hopefully before an actor is killed during a performance cancelling the run outright. I’d planned on picking up a pair of tickets for my birthday, flying to New York on my favourite airline (Porter), having a nice meal and checking out the show.

I’ll wait to read the other reviews (the fan review calling this on par with King Lear seems a bit of a stretch), but if they’re as scathing as expected,   I might put the $150 ticket price toward adding a few volumes to my Ultimate Spider-Man collection instead.

(Photo credit: AP Photo/Kathy Willens)


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