Everyone is excited about Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman

Weiss for NY Daily News; DC Comics

TV and comic geeks are drooling over the news that Adrianne Palicki has been cast to star in the pilot of David E. Kelley’s new Wonder Woman series for NBC.

I don’t watch Friday Night Lights and so have no comment on her acting talent. But based on a Google images search for Palicki, she is attractive.

The description of the show sounds a little odd for Wonder Woman.

“The project, from David E. Kelley Prods. and Warner Bros. TV, is a retelling of the DC Comics title in which Wonder Woman (Palicki), a.k.a. Diana Prince, tries to balance her life as a vigilante crime fighter, a successful corporate executive and a modern woman.”

Maybe I’m being cynical, but that sounds a heckuva lot like an 80s action TV series to me – and not in a good way. (For some reason, I’m getting flashbacks of A-Team and Hunter – can you believe that series ran for seven years?)  I fear scenes of scissor-kicks in dark alleys and empty warehouses with danger can lurk in any shadow.

Or maybe it’ll be good.


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