Is Josh Weaton really Joss Whedon?

Josh Weaton - Avengers director

Joss Whedon - Buffy fame

Someone popped up on Twitter about a month and a half ago calling himself Josh Weaton and tweeting about the upcoming Avengers movie he claims to be directing.

Is this Joss Whedon in disguise?

Their Twitter bio pics certainly look similar to one another.

Whedon hasn’t Tweeted since November. Weaton’s account appears to have begun in March.

Joss Whedon has 10,000+ followers. Josh Weaton is closing in fast at 570+ followers as of this writing (there were 188 followers only 24 hours ago).

Is it a Skrull cover-up or could they be one and the same person? After all, Batman has been masquerading as Spider-Man for nearly 40 years.

Follow and decide.


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