Here comes Moon Knight – again!

Moon Knight is back. It’s been nearly a year since his last solo outing.

I really enjoy this character. He’s totally messed up. Most Marvel characters have problems (teen angst, feels rejected by society, etc.). M.K. takes that to the extreme: he has multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia (he actually hears voices one of which is supposed to be a god), he struggles with violent tendencies, is tortured and a pill addict. He uses people to get what he wants – I would say his relationship with Frenchie and other characters from the series is not healthy. So, lots of material to work with in the hands of the right writer.

He was a member of the Secret Avengers for a little while, but he’s back where he belongs – on his own (although this time in Los Angeles). It’s becoming a bit of a habit. A few years on the page, then one or two off. Not exactly the hardest working hero in the Marvel U. That time with Secret Avengers doesn’t count for much – he didn’t really do a whole lot despite Brubaker’s best intentions. It was a little like the time he spent with the West Coast Avengers, which I imagine is what it’s like to take a cruise – sailing around with a bunch of people you don’t really want to be around but making an effort to be nice.

Moon Knight is at his best when he rolls alone. In fact, he’s one of those characters who works best on the fringe of the Marvel U rarely interacting with other spandex types. (Although I think an interesting battle for MK would be up against Zodiac who’ve been turned in to a hive mind based on some cybernetic implants they were given to augment their abilities.)

Unfortunately, nobody knows what to do with him. Recently, Charlie Huston had one good Moon Knight story in him (2006). As did Gregg Hurwitz (2010). But once each of those writers completed their first arc, the series lost its energy.

I have high hopes for the new creative team of Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev. I’m thoroughly enjoying their work on Scarlet. And I hope they can do for M.K. what they did for Daredevil, a character I never cared for but fell in love with during their run.

Comic Book Resources has a few pages from the debut issue if you’re curious to see what’s in store. (In stores May 4, 2011)


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