Thor on a bike. Worlds collide!

When I began this blog, I peppered posts about cycling culture amongst those about comics.

Imagine my delight to discover the work of Maryland-based mountain bike-loving artist Mike Joos who brings the two together.

In honor of the upcoming Thor movie, I included the pic of Thor on a bike with hammer wheels. (I imagine this is how he gets to Midgard when the rainbow bridge Bifrost is closed for repair – like so many Toronto streets.)

And I couldn’t pass up this one of Ghost Rider – it reminds me too much of N.E.R.D. for some reason.

Not a comic book fan? Check out his Cookie Monster on a bike, Mr T. on a bike, Princess Leia pulling Jabba the HutOptimus Prime, or one of the many, many other pop culture and historical figures used in his work.

Buy a print!


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