Ziggy Marley’s Marijuanaman: The reviews are in (sort of)

Today Ziggy Marley’s Marijuanaman (by Jim Mafood and Joe Casey) hits store shelves. The reviews have begun to trickle in.

Andy Khouri isn’t too keen in Ziggy Marley, Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood Grow ‘Marijuanaman’ [via Comics Alliance]

It’s very obvious that Casey and Mahfood, two of indie comics’ most innovative creators, really enjoyed their work on Marijuanaman (Mahfood’s art is especially alive here). But like most conversations with stoners, the sober person — in this case, the Marijuanamanreader — just isn’t feeling it.

But Mick Martin writing for Playback:stl gives it thumbs up:

Jim Mahfood’s art and Justin Stewart’s vibrant colors won me over in the end. The book looks stylish, cool, and evoked memories of MTV’s Liquid Television. Mahfood’s crazy perspective angles and wildly disproportionate figures would be a risk in a mainstream superhero comic, but they’re perfectly suited for Marijuanaman. There’s a great mix of pages that would thrill any superhero action fan versus pages that belong on the covers of Grateful Dead or Phish albums.

Ziggy Marley’s graphic novel debut [via Nerd Reactor]

Apparently the story itself is about an alien who is trying to help his home planet as they are in need of THC. He crash lands his bong spaceship on Earth and teams up with some freedom fighters aka potheads. Marijuanaman then goes on a mission to stop the destruction of our planet’s weed from an evil corporation that goes by the name of Pharma-Con. Marijuanaman must battle againse Pharma-Con’s henchmen as well as a robotic-biker assassin called Cash Money. I wish I could say I was making this up and as much as this sounds like a dream I had, it is reality and this is coming out.

And finally….

Why 4/20 matters – an open letter by Ziggy Marley [via Billboard]

For me, 4/20 means more than just a day to relish in the delights of natures oral herbal bliss. It is a day of an idea, of a philosophy that has been planted but is yet to be reaped. A solution for the fix.

A day when the rights of a simple plant life form to exist for the benefit of mankind without persecution and discrimination — honored and celebrated, even.

What? You thought 4/20 was about you and your rights?

Also, check out the official site for the comic.

My local comic retailer didn’t bring it in, so I didn’t grab a copy. But that’s okay, I have a huge stack of comics to read through first.


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