Did the Internet kill Wonder Woman?

EW.com reports that NBC has rejected David E. Kelly’s pilot for Wonder Woman (and quite possibly saved Adrianne Palicki’s career at the same time).

A lot of people have been crapping on the new series before even seeing an episode. The costume design, especially, was a point of contention among fans chattering away on Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

But let’s be honest: it would have to be some sort of masterpiece to not come off like a cheesy NBC 80s action series. (Who else remembers Manimal?)

Some concepts simply don’t translate to different mediums.

Take Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, which aired on FOX. The concept is intriguing, and better suited to the comic book format. I really wanted to like the TV series but it always seemed fairly cheesy and forced, and I lost interest after season one. Now Dark Horse has taken up the mantle, and I’m ready to give it another chance.

If fan reaction had been more positive for Wonder Woman, would NBC execs have overlooked the weak spots in the series and given the green light to the pilot? While we’ll likely never know with any certainty, one would assume it would have helped.

EW.com has a few other reasons why the series wouldn’t work, as well as some reasons why it would.

(via MTV SplashPage)


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