What to watch? A handy sci-fi TV viewing guide.

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There were so few sci-fi programs on TV growing up, nostalgia for the poor ones (Earth 2) is as strong as the good ones (Lexx). The explosion in number of series over the past decade – and of increasingly good quality – has brought about a new, enviable problem: choice.

Except when it comes to Netflix in Canada. This flowchart makes me sad. I’ve read the griping by readers on the SF Signal site of what’s missing here (Torchwood, Farscape, Buck Rogers, Babylon 5, etc).

Well, cut it out! Netflix Canada doesn’t have half the options on the chart never mind what’s not on there , thanks to the oligopoly of the Canadian broadcast industry. It’s like trying to find genre TV before CHUM started up the Space Channel.

But the chart is still a handy for anyone looking for something new to pick up.

(via io9)


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