Eternal night in Equestria: Kirby’s next genesis?

Don’t dare look down! The unstoppable forces of Destiny may have branded YOU as their next target! Witness “THE CUTIE MARK!!” Has it come–for you?!

Astro Saddles! Sonic Rainbooms! The thunder of Cosmic Hooves?!?

Either Chris Sims and Tom Scioli have toddler daughters or one of them is obsessed with My Little Pony. There is really no other reason to explain how they zeroed in on the perfect Pony episode that most closely resembled a Kirby story to begin with as Nightmare Moon plots to bring darkness upon Ponyland by imprisoning her sister and forcing the other ponies into servitude.

This cover from Great Comics That Never Happened is the perfect antidote for anyone who’s been forced to sit through repeated plays of the latest Pony incarnation.

Watch: My Little Pony vs Watchmen Mashup

(via Comics Alliance)



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3 responses to “Eternal night in Equestria: Kirby’s next genesis?

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