25 questions with comic writer Brian K. Vaughan (but it’s not what you think)

So far, Saga (Image) is a pretty great book.

Art, dialogue, plot, characters – all top notch. We’ll have to see where the story goes, but so far the series is really enjoyable.

In the letter column for issue #2, writer  Brian K. Vaughan included a 25 question reader survey but no email address. After a short (read: lazy) search of the Internet, I couldn’t find one. What am I supposed to do, mail in my answers?

So I’m posting all 25 questions here with my answers to some of them.

2012 Saga Reader Survey

1) If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?
Answer: 39

2) And where are you from?
A: Toronto, Ontario

3) What are you reading these days?
A: It’s quicker if I tell you what I’m not reading: Marvel Comics (except for Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four and FF)

4) Do you buy your funny books from your friendly neighbourhood retailer, or from an online site like Comixology?
A: Comic book shop. (Comixology on the rare occasion). Like I mentioned, I’m 39 – that makes me old.

5) Important: who would win a fight, the Hulk or Rorschach?
Important: Who will draw it?

6) If a member of the Saga creative team were on the run from the authorities, might he or she be able to crash on your couch for a bit?
A: Depends, how long is “a bit?”

7) What is the worst recreational drug?
A: There are too many to name at the bottom of the pile

8) Why won’t more people accept the fact that Haywire is Steven Soderbergh’s very best film?

A: Never heard of it. Worth watching?

9) What is your second greatest regret in life? Giving up on those piano lessons?
A: Giving up the recreational drug habit

10) Seriously, what is wrong with my eye?

11) What is the only truly excellent Mexican restaurant in New York City?

12) Ian Fleming once wrote that James Bond liked sex best when it had “the sweetest tang of rape.”  Does this change the way you feel about the characters and/or life on this planet?

A: Will reflect on that one. In the meantime, you’ve reminded me the Alicia Keys/Jack White collaboration for Another Way to Die is my favourite Bond theme song. (“Shoot ’em up bang bang!”)

13) If you had to permanently give up either chocolate or cheese (in each of their infinite varieties), which would you choose?
A: That’s just cruel

14) When was the last time you watched a stage play, and what was it?
A: Last fall with my daughter’s kindergarten class to see Seussical

15) What do you think Image publisher Eric Stephenson’s darkest secret really is?
A: He wears Wonder Woman underpants?

16) Which of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is most assuredly an atheist?
A: None (trick question)

17) Have we dated?
A: Maybe? I know I have.

18) Would you rather be trapped on the island from Lost with your mom or dad, and why?
A: Another cruel question

19) When was the last time you were in naked in front of someone in a nonsexual context?
A: Last night

20) Are you Banksy, and if so, can we do anything to help?

21) Who had a greater impact on your upbringing, our favourite librarian or your favourite coach?

22) What are you working on these days, anything creative?
A: My blog

23) Wait, why did you abandon it?
A: Ah well, you see, my wife and I decided to have children, and then they were born. And now here we are.

24) Relax, I’m sure it’s great. Listen, why not put down this comic and do a little work on your thing RIGHT NOW?

A: You’ve inspired me. I will!

25) Cool, but before you do, if you were to be reincarnated as an inmate object, what would it be?
A: A ceiling mirror in the bedroom of a hotel’s honeymoon suite

There you have it. Thanks Brian for a fun-filled evening. You helped me write a blog entry!

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    >What am I supposed to do, mail in my answers?



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