Update on the Silver Snail Toronto move

A few months ago, we learned that Silver Snail Toronto was relocating from its legendary Queen St West location. The “death of Queen St” conversation was on everyone’s lips at the time.

Now, the retailer has announced the address for the new home (Yonge and Dundas!) and posted a video tour of their new digs.

This location is a great choice.

Dundas Square needs a comic book store. With music stores HMV and Sam the Record Man gone, the Snail provides an injection of flashy comic book entertainment flavour to the retail mix especially at a time when comics are a noticeable ingredient in the popular culture mix.The foot traffic in that area is great. It’s adjacent to Ryerson University. And with Hairy Tarantula and One Million Comix both up the street and BMV Books around the corner, their arrival gives comic fans a compelling new reason to shop along Yonge since Grey Region shuttered its doors.

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From the beginning, I thought the originally announced Annex location was not a good idea. Cool neighbourhood, yes. But not only is The Beguiling an anchor and institution in the neighbourhood, the Snail has a personality much-better suited to blinking lights of Dundas Square. Plus, Toronto desperately needs a Midtown Comics-style store, which I feel OMC tries to achieve but hasn’t nailed. Silver Snail has credibility not least because they bring in lots of top talent for signings. They could even start featuring Hollywood comic book movie celebrity signings (like The Avengers‘ Scarlett Johansson or Chris Hemsworth) at the new location and attract lots of attention.

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