It’s Wednesday! (December 5, 2012)


It’s Wednesday, December 5 of the year 2012!

Here are four books I’m most looking forward to cracking open this week:

Writer: Ande Parks, Artist: Esteve Polls
As Tonto’s gunshot wound festers, the Lone Ranger will do whatever it takes to save his friend. The Ranger joins forces with a band of Ute Indian braves, on a daring mission to save the tribe’s healer from the settlers who kidnapped him. The gods who foresaw a fortune of blood and suffering for Tonto may now claim them as their own. Part five of the epic and character-defining Native Ground arc.

This is one of the first books I open when I pick up my pull list. It’s a western and a licensed title, no less. I never, ever thought I would see the day. But what can I say, it delivers. It’s a really compelling story. The writing and artwork are really fine. If you aren’t reading this, you should consider giving it a shot before it’s cancelled, which I assume is imminent based on the monthly sales figures.


Written by: China Mieville Art by: Alberto Ponticelli Cover by: Brian Bolland
• A new storyline begins as Nelson and Manteau are off to Europe in search of a relic that might hold the answer to their secret powers!

• Meanwhile, a powerful stranger arrives in Littleville to await their return.

I keep waiting for this series to really let loose. There are small peeks at insanity between the panels, but I was expecting (and hoping for) an off-the-wall series in the tradition of the early days of Vertigo and Milestone’s Xombi. It’s selling at the same level as Fatale and Fairest, but that’s still double what Sweet Tooth is doing so I guess they don’t want to alienate too many readers.

Written and art by: Darwyn Cooke
“Why is mommy crying, Uncle Hollis?”

Generally these Before Watchmen books have been pretty good. At this point, I’m following Minutemen, Silk Spectre, Ozymandia, and Dr. Manhattan.

Story: Duffy Boudreau, Art: Wendell Cavalcanti, Cover: Michael Avon Oeming
A retired soldier on a secret mission… sent out from the walled city and the only life he’s ever known into the violent wilderness of the world after the fall! Tribal cults, roaming bands of barbarians, vicious warlords! A startling new take on the post-apocalypse and the most auspicious comics debut of the year!
Lots of nice things being said about this book before it had even hit shelves.

ILoveTrouble1P_00I LOVE TROUBLE #1
Story by:Kel Symons Art By:Mark A. Robinson
Felicia Castillo, a New Orleans grifter, is on the run from mobsters in our premiere issue, when she discovers she possesses an unusual superpower in the middle of a plane crash.

I don’t really know what to expect here. It’s another of deluge of new books Image has been putting out. There is something about the art from the preview pages I’ve seen that I want to give a try. I get the same vibe as I do from some of the stories I see in Dark Horse Presents, an anthology which I adore.


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