It’s Valentine’s Day!



Today is Valentine’s Day….(as my wife keeps reminding me).

Here is a handful of art celebrating today – some pics I found on Tumblr, others on Deviant. Enjoy!

(above, Van Halen by Andy Kuhn)


(via fuckyeahnormanosborn) – the funny thing here is I remember the look and style from the year’s annuals this is taken from. (And if I recall correctly they were pretty stinky books.)

harley-vday2013-dustinnuygen(by Dustin Nguyen)


(I call this one “Star Crossover Lovers” – via Third Eye Comics)

and finally this one:


(Adventure Time by Krayonela)

UPDATED – I’m adding one more I just came across:


(via the amazing Morning Glories co-creator/artist  Joe Eisma)


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