Glory #33 – my favourite three pages


I never thought I’d say this, but Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios is putting out two of the best books on the market at the moment: Prophet and Glory. Unfortunately, one of them is about to end.

On Glory are Joe Keatinge writing and Ross Campbell on art. Later this month, the series wraps up marking the end of their 11-issue run.

Apparently the end is as bittersweet a moment for Joe as for readers.

At risk of sounding like an overeager comic blogger trying to get a quote printed in an ad or on the back of a trade, if you aren’t reading this series, you’re missing out.

There, I said it. Let’s move on.

If you aren’t following this series, I apologize I couldn’t find a synopsis for you. But here is an interview with the co-creators about their decision to end the book at issue #34.

In this penultimate issue (#33), we’re treated to a visually stunning cover, some touching moments, an explosion of art and action, and truly riveting scenes.

Here is the big page for me:


We know what Riley has told us so far: the dreams that first led her to Glory, in hiding and recovering from severe injuries, are also telling her devastation is coming and Glory is the source. Once Glory loses herself to her berserker rage in the upcoming battle, she’ll be gone forever. This takes place in the first few pages of the book, the moment before they enter battle with the Knight of Thule. It’s a touching scene and that’s before we even find out what Riley has planned at the issue’s end, which makes this scene all the more moving. It’s Riley’s sacrifice that gives this entire story the emotional resonance helping make it such a great series.

@Like_car_Keys tweeted at me that he’s sad the series is ending. I am as well, but it wouldn’t as amazing a story if it wasn’t coming to an end. I felt the same way about Sweet Tooth. Not enough books are allowed to come to a close. Many are cancelled, but few are let to come to a natural conclusion like a good piece of literature.

Alright, next up we have this:


Into the mouth of the beast. Deadly.

In our coming to know Henry we understood he was capable of becoming this “monster”, but we hadn’t really seen it. Here he is in his fullest awesome fury.

Lots to like on this page. And the look on Henry’s face in the last panel, is that surprise the beast is about to explode from the damage he’s inflicted and he’s going to get caught in the blast?

Finally, this one:


Here is Glory beating the shit out of the Knight. The layout of the page has such nice pacing to it between the art and the character dialogue. I love the foreground image over the panels. I don’t know if the page has the same impact for people who haven’t read the issue and don’t have the context.

So that’s it. Thank you Joe and Ross. You’ve given us an incredible ride. I’m glad I bought a ticket.

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2 responses to “Glory #33 – my favourite three pages

  1. I’ve really been in love with Prophet, so it looks like I may have to give Glory a shot. Did they start this run of Glory at a kind of random issue (like Prophet) or does it go all the way back to Glory #1?


    • Derek

      Thanks for reading!

      Random issue, same as Prophet. They jumped on at issues #23 so, on the plus side, you only need to go back 11 issues.


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