Cover vs Cover: Time Warp #1 (Vertigo)


Vertigo releases Time Warp #1. It’s the latest instalment in the sci-fi and horror annuals the imprint has been publishing for, what has it been now, 3 years? And I’ve enjoyed almost each one so far.

This issue features two covers, both of them excellent. So I ask you: which is your favourite? Cover A is by Eduardo Risso of 100 Bullets fame. Cover B is the variant by Jae Lee (who I loved on The Sentry and Inhumans, both from Marvel)

Vote now! (Hint: click the image to expand)

I believe this is the last “new” book under Karen Berger’s tenure as queen supreme at Vertigo. This is based solely on my best memory of the solicitations in Previews from a few months ago and the timing of the announcement that Berger was stepping down.

I can totally appreciate that a person is sometimes ready to make a change in their life. But I’d still like to hear more from her on the timing of her decision. I can only assume there was something happening in the editorial halls of DC Comics that pushed her to make this move.

Back to the book. It features an all-star talent lineup:

Writers: Matt Kindt, Damon Lindelof, Peter Milligan, Toby Litt, Ray Fawkes, Simon Spurrier, Tom King, Gail Simone

Artists: Mark Buckingham, Jeff Lemire, MK Perker, Victor Santos Montesinos, Jorge Corona, Rafael Albuquerque, Tom Fowler, I.N.J. Culbard


Here are a couple of preview pages drawn by two of my favourite writer/artists – Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt:





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3 responses to “Cover vs Cover: Time Warp #1 (Vertigo)

  1. My choice: Cover A by Eduardo Risso.


  2. I’m really glad you posted that uncolored Jeff Lemire page because it reminded that I need to appreciate Lemire’s artwork more. I have always thought of him as having a very loose, unpolished style, like he was kind of an amateur indie-comics guy not really ready for primetime. But that page proves that he packs a ton of detail in and that his line work is pretty serious. this has been the case at least since the second year of Sweet Tooth, yet I still don’t give the guy enough credit.


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