Cover vs Cover: Buffy Season 9 #20 (Dark Horse)


This week the face-off features two covers for issue #20 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9: one by Phil Noto and another by Georges Jeanty. The book hits shelves on April 10.

The pair have been drawing competing Buffy covers for some time now. But every so often, you’re forced to choose a favourite – just like with your children. So this week, we’ve thrown these two into the cage. (May the strongest survive.)

I’m going to be honest: I like Phil Noto’s work. I have since stumbling upon The Infinite Horizon. Then Noto did that series of faux TIME Magazine photo images, which are super cool and I’m especially fond of. I was instantly a fan. More recently, he handled art on the Dark Horse series Ghost. There were some really nice moments in those first five issues (that includes the #0 issue which reprints the serialized story from Dark Horse Presents).

I don’t know a lot about Georges Jeanty. I mean, yes, he is the regular artist on Buffy, but I don’t read this book. However, he is the talent behind my favourite Buffy cover of all time. (Click through. It’s a really good one, I promise.)

Which is your favourite cover to Season 9, issue #20? You don’t need to be a Buffy fan to have an opinion. You just have to like good comic art. Vote now!



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One response to “Cover vs Cover: Buffy Season 9 #20 (Dark Horse)

  1. My vote goes to Phil Noto. I love how the image of Dawn is overlapped onto Xander’s face/eyepatch. Simply beautiful. 🙂


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