It’s Wednesday! (April 17, 2013)


Miniature Jesus #1 (of 5)
Story, art and cover by: Ted McKeever

Devil on one shoulder – angel on the other. One tells you to do bad things, the other . . .  well, you get the idea. Bad news for a recovering alcoholic if the “good” one is MIA. Between a liquor-gulping demon and a mummified cat hell-bent on mucking up his fragile stability with esoteric trappings of Egyptian Gods, it’s all about to make our hero’s day hit the proverbial fan.

My LCS owner tells me McKeever books have a small but dedicated following and it might sell 1 or 2 copies outside of that. I can see why he has a loyal readership. He plays so many genres that you don’t necessarily know what each new story is going to deliver. But you can be guaranteed it’s different from the majority of books on shelves.

The Black Beetle: No Way Out #3 (of 4)
darkhorse-blackbeetle#3-coverWriter, Artist, Cover by: Francesco Francavilla

Under the watchful gaze of the mysterious Labyrinto, Black Beetle fights for his life! Is this the doing of a man that Black Beetle thought was dead? Could a zombie mobster be commanding the foes of Colt City’s dark avenger?! If he survives the night, the investigative insect will be left with questions to ponder as he takes his investigation . . . to the morgue!

Thief of Thieves #13
image-Thief-of-Thieves_13Story by: Robert Kirkman & James Asmus, Art By: Shawn Martinbrough & Felix Serrano

Conrad and Augustus are trapped with nowhere to run from the cartel and FBI. Can father and son’s first heist together end in any way but death or capture? Find out in the conclusion to THIEF OF THIEVES’ second arc!

Conan the Barbarian #15
dark-horse-Conan-the-Barbarian_15Writer: Brian Wood, Artist: Andrea Muttti, Colorist: Dave Stewart, Cover Artist: Massimo Carnevale

“The Woman on the Wall” concludes!

Conan’s army has infiltrated the Shemite fortress protected by Bêlit! Can their love for each other survive the battle—and can they?

“Wood is the first writer in a long time that has made the character feel fresh and exciting. As long as he is at the helm, this series is a must buy.” —


Adventure Time #15

kaboom-adventuretime#15-cover-variant probablyWords and pictures by Nat Jones

A STAND-ALONE ISSUE LEADING INTO THE NEW ARC! A PERFECT JUMPING- ON POINT FOR NEW READERS! Join Jake the Dog and Finn the Human in this totally topsy-turvy take on the land of Ooo! The best all-ages series of 2012 continues!

The Li’l Depressed Boy #16
image-Lil-Depressed-Boy_16-coverStory by: S Steven Struble, Art: Sina Grace, Cover: Chris Giarrusso

Things get serious.

Featuring a cover by the always-astounding G-MAN wunderkind, CHRIS GIARRUSSO.


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