Comics delivery!



These arrived in the mail recently.

Deadface fills the hole in my run of this Eddie Campbell series published by Harrier Comics series in 1987.

Doomsday Squad are reprints of a John Byrne series originally published in the 70s. And while I love the covers on the original Charlton books, the Fantagraphics series reprints (pictured here) include an extra back story in each issue, better print and colour quality, plus an extra issue collecting some additional material and stories that didn’t not appear in the Doomsday +1 run. (And these Fantagraphics books were a fraction of the price.)

Plus some other random books ordered out of curiosity and novelty (Assistant Editor Spectacular), to fill a gap (The Black Beetle) or finish my run (DMZ).



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2 responses to “Comics delivery!

  1. Dear ComicBookJunkie,
    I like your blog, and I’m going to subscribe. Have an excellent day!
    Zachary Krishef


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