Upcycled Comics breathes new life into old comics


Too bad there’s no more wall space for art in my comic den at the moment. But if there was, I finally found a use for the boxes of comics I’m having a difficult time parting with and order (at least) one of these fabulous pieces from the PowerUp collection by Upcycled Comics (aka Amy Watkins).

According to her Esty page:

I love my comics too much to keep them in dusty long boxes in the closet. After I’ve read the stories and pored over the pictures, I want to enjoy my comics again, as a medium for new art. I sell original, handmade pieces–no prints here–constructed out of the amazing art of old comic books.









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2 responses to “Upcycled Comics breathes new life into old comics

  1. I’m working on a similar project right now. Goddammit I hate when people beat me to the punch.


    • Comic Book Junkie

      I didn’t realize how many people were doing stuff like this until I spent some time on Etsy. There is a big maker community out there.


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