Moebius – “a man who refused to grow old” (TCAF 2013 panel recap)



It goes without saying the man is legendary. His seminal works stand the test of time. We’re talking 30 to 40 years ago for stories like The Incal and Airtight Garage, and yet those books – to me – still seem so fresh and interesting. When you consider how much comics have evolved, one can’t help but consider him anything but a visionary. He was an artist in the truest sense of the word.

And so it was especially interesting to hear from people – artists – who’ve met him and look to him for inspiration in their own art.

Moderated by Xavier Guilbert of, the panel included Frederik Peeters (Sandcastle), Paul Pope (THB), David B. (Black Paths), Glyn Dillon (The Nao of Brown).



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2 responses to “Moebius – “a man who refused to grow old” (TCAF 2013 panel recap)

  1. Lau

    I’ve been so inspired by Moebius. I think we will still be talking about him for many many decades. I literally gasped when I saw his art for the first time, its been a love affair ever since. Thanks for sharing this!


    • Comic Book Junkie

      I’m a big fan of Moebius. It was great to have the opportunity to hear other comic creators talk about how he’d influenced and inspired them.


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