Screaming Pym vs Screaming Gamora – #CoverVsCover



These hit comic shop shelves on the same Wednesday (I think) a couple of weeks ago.

There is a wall at Marvel where they pin up all the week’s covers to see how they display on store shelves. I’m sure more than a few comments were made about the similarity.

The cover to Age of Ultron #10 A.I. is by  Brandon Peterson.

And Guardians of the Galaxy #4 is courtesy of Sara Pichelli.

Okay, it’s the moment of truth. Vote now!


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One response to “Screaming Pym vs Screaming Gamora – #CoverVsCover

  1. I’ll hand the victory to “Screaming Henry Pym”. I simply love how he is emerging from the shattered body of Ultron on the cover. Pym is finally dealing with the creation that has overshadowed him his whole life.


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