Comics delivery – Michel Fiffe’s Copra!

copra covers

I got turned onto Michel Fiffe‘s creation Copra recently. I read about it in the editorial page of one of Joe Casey’s recent books. Issue #7  is the latest by Fiffe.

The series is pretty cool. I like the tone. It’s limited to a run of a few hundred copies, but the first 6 issues are compiled into 2 books you can buy here.

These creator-owned books feel powerful and free. The letters page is always fun to read:

“…I love how raw this book is. Most comics from the big 2 are so polished and seemingly edited to the point where there is nothing to get excited about. As a comics lover for over 40 years, I somteimes get jaded & bored with what’s being produced at present. I tend to go back & read the stuff I loved as a kid. COPRA gives me that feeling, a mixture of old & new at the same time.” – Phil Parkerson

So what is Copra? In Fiffe’s own words:

“Let’s see, how to best describe what COPRA actually is… Well, for starters, it’s the unholy marriage between my Zegas style and my Suicide Squad love letter Deathzone!

It’s probably better if you just take a look at the first few pages from issue #1.


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