Confessions of a four colour junkie

Simply put: I started this blog because I would like to find other mature readers who share my interest and want to talk comics.

As I write this in 2009, we’re enjoying the golden age of comics. At some point between the industry bust of the ’90s – brought on by speculative buyers – and today, the medium was reborn as new creators and new publishers arrived on the scene. But there are some signs we might be on the verge of another implosion. Time will tell. In the meantime, there are dozens and dozens of interesting books to discover, new and old.

I live in Toronto and love comics. I’ve been reading them since the age of five. I can hardly believe it myself, but as I was digging through my collection I opened up my first issues of Spider-Man and Superman and sure enough: 1978. At one time, I would have called myself a “collector,” but today I like to think of myself as a reader and fan of the medium.

So send me an email, comment on a post, and we’ll start the conversation.

One response to “Confessions of a four colour junkie

  1. Not sure if these fit your tastes, but if you remember the car comics of the 60s, 70s and 80s — CARtoons, CYCLEtoons, SURFtoons — you might be interested in my new blog about them: and

    Nelson Dewey


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