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True North believers, it’s Captain Canuck!

Captain Canuck is back! Here’s the first episode.

Read our Q&A with the Creative Director, Dean Henry.


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Screaming Pym vs Screaming Gamora – #CoverVsCover



These hit comic shop shelves on the same Wednesday (I think) a couple of weeks ago.

There is a wall at Marvel where they pin up all the week’s covers to see how they display on store shelves. I’m sure more than a few comments were made about the similarity.

The cover to Age of Ultron #10 A.I. is by  Brandon Peterson.

And Guardians of the Galaxy #4 is courtesy of Sara Pichelli.

Okay, it’s the moment of truth. Vote now!

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Upcycled Comics breathes new life into old comics


Too bad there’s no more wall space for art in my comic den at the moment. But if there was, I finally found a use for the boxes of comics I’m having a difficult time parting with and order (at least) one of these fabulous pieces from the PowerUp collection by Upcycled Comics (aka Amy Watkins).

According to her Esty page:

I love my comics too much to keep them in dusty long boxes in the closet. After I’ve read the stories and pored over the pictures, I want to enjoy my comics again, as a medium for new art. I sell original, handmade pieces–no prints here–constructed out of the amazing art of old comic books.








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Best comic book tattoos inspired by Jeff Lemire


Cover to Tales from the Farm, one of my all-time favourite graphic novels and the first of three chapters in Essex Country trilogy. Writes the tattoo’s owner:

jefflemire-talesfromthefarmThe story is one of the most emotional and evocative stories that uses little to no dialogue. The main character, a boy named Lester is the most expressive character I have ever read. It almost brought me to tears the first time I read it.

(via FYeahTattoos)


Gus from Sweet Tooth.

SWTO_OOTDW.cvrgus from the comic book sweet tooth by jeff lemire. jeff drew this particular piece for me, and i’m totally in love. done at invisible nyc by damien rodriguez, who is a champion among other champs. go there. get good tattoos.

(via FYeah Tattoos)


This one belongs to “Husband, Dad, English teacher, self professed comic enthusiast” @FoggysPal (aka Steve Dishon)

And then Darren Hupke (@darrenhupke) replied with his own ink job of Gus:


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Birgit Schössow draws The New Yorker cover


German artist Birgit Schössow provides the artwork for the June 10 & 17 (2013) double-sized The New Yorker Fiction Issue. The theme this year if you can’t already guess: film noir.

This appears to be Schossow’s third published cover for the magazine.

She also produced this fun short strip drawing from classic genre movies.

BirgitSchossow-page1 BirgitSchossow-page2 BirgitSchossow-page3 BirgitSchossow-page4 BirgitSchossow-page5

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