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Halloween Transmetropolitan style

Came across this wicked jack-o-lantern carved by a Warren Ellis fan and just had to share. Is there anything more creepy and awesome than a Spider Jerusalem pumpkinhead? And the fans love it. (Who wouldn’t?)


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Inside Vertigo Comics

This is basically a 7 minute ad for The Vertigo Encyclopedia by DK Publishing. But it offers a few soundbites on the imprint’s history.

The first half of the video is Karen Berger, who runs Vertigo and has been there since the beginning, talking about its genesis 15 years ago, Vertigo’s editorial philosophy, the appeal among female readers,  etc. She says it all much better so there is not much reason for me to go on. I will only add that the last half are interviews the people behind the encyclopedia who talk about the creative process and pulling it all together – worth a look for anyone with an interest in the publishing industry.

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Happy Canada Day – with comics

The Beat honours Canada Day and our rich comics history.

Plus William Shatner 😉

Thanks guys!

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Toronto Comicon sold

The Beat reports that Toronto Comicon is changing hands as Wizard CEO Gareb Shamus announces the purchase of the show from Peter Dixon, owner of Paradise Comics in the city. Toronto has another big mainstream show Fan Expo that has sci-fi and manga components. Heidi talks about the financial difficulties of Comicon and bad blood between the two shows in her blog post.

For those keeping score at home, when you add TCAF to the list that makes three separate comic shows held in Toronto. It’s a hotbed for comic fans and talent.

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Comic blog news

Four new blogs I came across the past few days.

DC has launched an official Vertigo blog – Graphics Content –  and Wildstorm blog – The Bleed. I was especially excited about the preview pages for the conclusion to Planetary.

Also, Comic Book Resources is touting their new weekly blog by Marvel EiC Joe Quesada, Cup ‘o Joe, which I guess had been running elsewhere until now.

And finally BleedingCool.com by Rich Johnston (of Lying in the Gutters), which I added to my blogs list based on the About page description (upskirts and all) as well as the promise of a weekly Warren Ellis column.

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