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How to sell a comic book on television

Only the hottest heroines get the DC seal of approval. “These ain’t your daddy’s comic books, fanboy!” so says Lobo.

And you don’t eff around with Lobo. You can’t kill him and he’s the last of his kind – after committing violent genocide of his race . (Sort of like Dr. Who when you think about it….)

Unfortunately, this spot won’t get into any hall of fame for best local TV ads, but it does the job, and then some.

We aren’t sure when it ran originally for Comics on Parade (sometime in the early 90s?), a comic store in Metairie, Louisiana – we think.

Fast forward a few decades, and we get the following ad for Vertigo Comics, which aired on BBC America in 2010.

Still playing up the sex and danger.


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Fables milestone issue is crazy!

I’ve read a few volumes of the Fables collected editions, but I’m not a collector by any means. However, all the extras included in the upcoming #100 milestone issue have me thinking I might ask my comic shop retailer to set me aside a copy. These include:

– a puppet theatre

– a board game

– a 62-page main story

– a whole bunch of mini-stories

– and a prose story

To call it epic sounds like a bit of an understatement, actually. At even a $10 cover price, worth every penny based on the description.

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Comic review: The Unwritten

Silver Snail manager Kin really likes Vertigo‘s The Unwritten (Mike Carey, Peter Gross).

The Unwritten #1 – Quick, run out and buy this book. It’ll only cost you a buck Canuck (unless your store charges more than US cover). W-Mike Carey and A-Peter Gross have created a replacement for the lamented Y the Last Man.
This is a story about stories and what might happen if they become real. Tom Taylor is the son of a famous author whose hugely successful series of books are based on a magic wielding boy named Tommy Taylor ala Harry Potter. When a girl shows up to question his lineage, Tom’s life changes dramatically. If you liked Mike Carey’s last Vertigo book “Crossing Midnight”, you’ll love this.”

I haven’t had a chance to crack open my copy yet. I’ve just finished volume four of Fables TPB (Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham). I think “March of the Wooden Soldiers” might be my favourite arc on the title so far.

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