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Komic-konze: Scott Pilgrim, Marijuanaman, digital comics, and Blake Lively’s dress

Actors Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard onstage at "The Green Lantern" panel. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images / July 24, 2010)

Even though I wasn’t able to make the trip from Los Angeles to San Diego for comic-con, there is an interesting halo effect that touches this U.S. entertainment capital. The presence of comic-con is seemingly everywhere, and there’s a little bit for everyone. Here’s a snapshot of some ink spilled by print media leading up to the con.

Alex Pham and John Horn of the LA Times write on one of the big trends at this year’s show, and the concern of many in the industry: digital comics.

“Technology, which has already upended the music, television and movie business, is now gripping the comic book world…With change comes comes it’s twin companions: angst and exhilaration.”

They offer a good overview of the current digital comic landscape and what’s looming on the horizon (more animated, motion comics with built-on social capabilities like reader comments).

Not surprisingly, publishers are optimistic it will turn around years of flat sales, retailers are wary it will erode their bottom line, and creators live somewhere in between. (“We’ll get screwed somehow,” Daniel Clowes said at this year’s TCAF. “We always do.”)

Loads more Con coverage on their blog Hero Complex.

On the lighter side, USA Today‘s bubblegum preview from Wednesday is a blurb-heavy look at the big films being showcased this year (I feel like I’ve been hearing about Scott Pilgrim for ages. Check out this kick ass trailer for Tron: Legacy ); TV shows (I’m sorry, The Cape just looks lame); and (gasp!) even some praise-worthy comics (The Hunter, Chew, and a very intriguing-sounding BB Wolf and the Three LPs).

They redeem with a full-page piece on Mike Mignola’s latest story arc, Hellboy: The Storm that coincidentally faces a full-page ad for the new USA Today/Dark Horse/Toshiba electronics free comic preview partnership.

Finally, the free weekly entertainment paper Brand X offers a profile of Jim Mahfood, the artist on Ziggy Marley and Joe Casey’s upcoming Marijuanaman.

And just because – photos of the eye-popping dress worn by Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively to the Green Lantern sneak peek panel that had the geeks going gaga available on Just Jarred.


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Robot 13 looks hot

Both The Beat and Newsarama have brief write-ups on Robot 13 (Blacklist Studios) a new project by Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford. I’m not familiar with either of their work, but these pages of the skull-headed robot protagonist fighting a giant octopus are simply delicious – very Mike Mignola (for the Hellboy fans).

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