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Moebius – “a man who refused to grow old” (TCAF 2013 panel recap)



It goes without saying the man is legendary. His seminal works stand the test of time. We’re talking 30 to 40 years ago for stories like The Incal and Airtight Garage, and yet those books – to me – still seem so fresh and interesting. When you consider how much comics have evolved, one can’t help but consider him anything but a visionary. He was an artist in the truest sense of the word.

And so it was especially interesting to hear from people – artists – who’ve met him and look to him for inspiration in their own art.

Moderated by Xavier Guilbert of du9.org, the panel included Frederik Peeters (Sandcastle), Paul Pope (THB), David B. (Black Paths), Glyn Dillon (The Nao of Brown).


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If I were in Oslo today, I’d go to this…


(…with apologies to The Comics Reporter)

I’m just getting over my TCAF hangover, but the itch is starting again. And if I were in Norway, I would be making my way to the Oslo Comics Expo. The lineup is insane:

  • Michael Deforge (who also created the poster)
  • Paul Pope
  • Jeff Lemire
  • Luke Pearson
  • Brandon Graham
  • Gabrielle Bell
  • Scott McCloud (Scott McCloud!)

…and some Norwegian and Danish artists with whom I am unfamiliar but will now check out. Check out the roster.

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Saga + Paul Pope = swoon


I adore Saga; it’s in my top 5 books at the moment. And the majority of the time, I really enjoy Paul Pope’s art. (The owner of my Local Comic Shop (LCS) doesn’t share my enthusiasm, and that is just fine.)

I may finally be motivated to make a donation to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

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Five reasons to attend TCAF 2011

The 2011 Toronto Toronto Comics Arts Festival is nearly upon us. This is the fifth and arguably most promising event thus far. I say that having attended nearly each of the previous festivals, missing only the first one in 2003.

Toronto offers the gamut when it comes to publishing events from zine gatherings to big comic book conventions – celebrity autographs and cosplay included.

TCAF falls somewhere in between. It’s the hottest small press comics event going and, for those who enjoy discovering gems not easily found at local retailers, a highlight for the comic book obsessed crowd. Read more on their About Page.

If you’ve never been, here are five reasons you should carve out a bit of time this weekend to drop by.

1. A superstar lineup
This is probably the biggest lineup of star talent yet for TCAF. It’s growing reputation is a testament to the dedication and hard work that co-founders Peter Birkmore and Chris Butcher put into building this event. The comics industry has taken notice allowing TCAF to attract many big names — Chester Brown, Darwyn Cooke, Adrian Tomine, Chris Ware, Paul Pope, Farel Dalrymple, Ray Fawkes… the list is huge — and serve as a launch pad for new releases. There are nearly two dozen new books debuting this weekend including Chester Brown’s Paying For It, Home and Away by Mawli, Stuart Immonen’s Centifolia II, and Michael DeForge’s latest installment of LOSE to name a few.

2. Fantastic venue
Too many Torontonians have, unfortunately, never stepped foot inside the Toronto Reference Library. Let’s change that. It’s a beautiful resource that would make any book lover weak at the knees. We’re talking multiple floors, row after row of books.

The facilities are undergoing a $34million renovation, and the results promise to be impressive. They have a great collection of comics to boot – recent and classics, mainstream and indie. It’s incredible.

3. International flavour
Toronto is well-known for being a multicultural mosaic. Experience it in comics. Not only can you meet international talent like Italy’s Lorenzo Mattotti, you can explore German comics at the Comics, Manga & Co. – The New German Comics Culture exhibit, curated by the Goethe-Institute and Matthias Schneider.

The exhibition presents two generations of graphic artists – the comic avant garde, whose members are responsible for the founding of the German ‘Comic Culture’ as well as a new generation of young comic artists.

Comics, Manga & Co runs until May 31.

4. Sightings!
It’s no secret Toronto (and Canada for that matter) is home to some top comics talent – many of whom won’t be attending this year but might take in the scene and strike up a conversation. Keep on the lookout for Seth, Jeff Lemire and Lezley Davidson to name just a few.

5. It’s free
That’s right, there is no admission price. This festival is open to all. It encourages both literacy and a love of comics – two movements I can get behind. This is in stark contrast to the big conventions that blow through town, charge at the door and attract autograph hounds looking to shell out for a signed publicity shots from an actor on Stargate. At TCAF, you can save all your pennies to spend on hard-to-find small press gems.

Can you tell I’m excited? TCAF runs May 7 and 8.

Video: Toronto Comic Arts Festival: Pencil it In from Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

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Marvel gets Strange

Strange Tales #1     






Strange Tales #1

When I read this I nearly fell off my chair. Tony Millionaire, Jason, Paul Pope, and more offer an alt comix take on Marvel characters in the aptly titled, three-issue series  Strange Tales. Finally something from Marvel to get excited about. Although the Jason Aaron/Tony Moore team-up on Ghost Rider is worth praising.

I actually don’t care that DC did this first with Bizarro Comics! and Bizarro World – using some of the same creators, no less. Those books are lot of fun to read. But I have to wonder if putting out Strange Tales in the floppy format is even worth it? Part of me says wait until the hardcover trade is available. I’ll want to display this sucker on my bookshelf, easy access for flipping through every once in a while.

A friend suggested a story I’d love to see given the Strange Tales treatment. An Astonishing X-Men story by Adrian Tomine and featuring Kitty Pryde. She’s somehow escaped the Whedon space bullet and found her way back to Earth. Now she’s on a cross-country bus travelling to the X-Men’s new digs on the West Coast and is pissed as hell that her teammates didn’t try harder to save her from oblivion.

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