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Cover vs Cover: Buffy Season 9 #20 (Dark Horse)


This week the face-off features two covers for issue #20 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9: one by Phil Noto and another by Georges Jeanty. The book hits shelves on April 10.

The pair have been drawing competing Buffy covers for some time now. But every so often, you’re forced to choose a favourite – just like with your children. So this week, we’ve thrown these two into the cage. (May the strongest survive.)

I’m going to be honest: I like Phil Noto’s work. I have since stumbling upon The Infinite Horizon. Then Noto did that series of faux TIME Magazine photo images, which are super cool and I’m especially fond of. I was instantly a fan. More recently, he handled art on the Dark Horse series Ghost. There were some really nice moments in those first five issues (that includes the #0 issue which reprints the serialized story from Dark Horse Presents).

I don’t know a lot about Georges Jeanty. I mean, yes, he is the regular artist on Buffy, but I don’t read this book. However, he is the talent behind my favourite Buffy cover of all time. (Click through. It’s a really good one, I promise.)

Which is your favourite cover to Season 9, issue #20? You don’t need to be a Buffy fan to have an opinion. You just have to like good comic art. Vote now!


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It’s Wednesday! (March 13, 2013)


CHANGE #4 (of 4)
Story by: Ales KotArt By: Morgan Jeske & Sloane LeongCover By: Morgan Jeske & Jordie Bellaire

Everything drowns. Some patients can’t be saved.
What if the hardest thing you ever had to do was to look yourself in the eyes?
This is where it ends.

That’s a pretty heavy promo blurb.

I’ll be honest, it took a few attempts for me to get into this one. It was difficult to understand what was going on at first. It’s kind of like a Ted McKeever book in that way. After reading the first issue, I decided that I would need to read all four issues in one sitting – probably two or three times. So I’m looking forward to the weekend when the kids are asleep and I can crack this open.

GHOST #4 (of 4)
darkhorse_ghost4_coverWriter: Kelly Sue DeConnickArt and cover: Phil Noto

The champagne is poured and the chandeliers are hung for Chicago Mayor Bobby Chamber’s annual Black and White Ball—but Ghost, Vaughn, and Tommy are crashing the party, determined to stop the imposter before he claims another life and tears open a rift between two worlds!

* Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel) brings the climactic in the final chapter of “In the Smoke and Din.”

I was hooked from the first few pages of issue #1, which I only picked up last Wednesday based on a random review I stumbled upon. I then quickly burned through issues 2 and 3 a few days ago. Luckily for me, the last chapter comes out today.

The script is solid and it seems…different. I can’t quite put my finger on what that quality is. Maybe it’s because the story is written by a woman, of which there aren’t that many writing comics. I don’t know. But Kelly Sue DeConnick has a really nice touch. The dialogue is sharp and the three main characters really pop. I also enjoy Phil Noto’s work, as I’ve mentioned previously.

I’m really curious to see how this story wraps.

Writer: Brian WoodArtist: Carlos D’Anda


Princess Leia formed a secret squadron of stealth X-wings to help expose a spy within the Rebel ranks. But taking command puts her at odds with Luke Skywalker at a time they need solidarity more than ever—especially when the spy has alerted the Empire to Han Solo’s latest venture!

A Han and Chewwie story! Can’t wait. Those were some of my favourites back when Marvel was putting out the books in the 70s and 80s. These stories always seemed well-suited to the comics medium.

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Phil Noto does New Mutants the right way

Continuing the Phil Noto love.

As I was doing a bit of research for my previous post about The Infinite Horizon, I came across Noto’s Tumblr page and discovered this sweet piece of art. (I hope he doesn’t take exception to my publishing it here.)

Back in 1984, I didn’t really dig Bill Sienkiewicz’s work on New Mutants. But c’mon, I was barely in Grade 6, cut me some slack please.

Today, it’s the only run of classic New Mutants I’ve re-read in its entirety. (My apologies to every other talented artist who’s worked on the book.)

Noto’s work honours Sienkiewicz while modernizing the look. Impressive, yes?

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The Infinite Horizon: an unofficial update (officially updated…)

It’s been two years since the most recent issue of Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto’s unfinished The Infinite Horizon arrived on comic store shelves. Now some unofficial news the series might will finally wrap up soon. in the near (?) future. The October solicits for Image include the next installment. (Jump to the bottom for the details.)

But first, according to a comment posted by Jon Gorga:

I just met Phil Noto (artist of “The Infinite Horizon”) last night at an art gallery opening of his work here in NYC and he said the last issue is in process and that there will be a trade-paperback collection out eventually.

Okay, so that was posted back in February and we’ve heard nothing from Image since. But it’s a sliver of hope for fans of  this modern-day retelling of Homer’s The Odyssey will cling to it. Originally solicited as a six-issues series, only the first four books of  The Infinite Horizon have been released since the series debuted in December 2007. The most recent one has a pub date of April 2009.

We only got around to reading issues 1 through 4 this past weekend.

It’s not our fault!

Here at Comic Book Junkie, we like to build up a read pile for rainy days made up of a short run on a series or a mini-series we’re curious about with the intention of reading a nice chunk of story. We’ve been waiting patiently for this series to near its end before cracking open the first issue along with a cold beer and sipping on both. Phil Noto’s art looked gorgeous. Duggan’s work is new to us, but the premise sounded promising enough to take a flyer on the book.

Digging through the long box, we stumbled upon the books and figured, fuck it, let’s read them already.

TIH is a smart, mature story about a husband and father’s single-minded mission to return home from a lost war in the Middle East as the world falls apart around his ears. The story is gripping. The characters are believable. And it features neither zombies nor giant robots (hurray!). Well, so far…

Now we really can’t wait for the final two issues. Hopefully Image can get the last two issues into the hands of eager readers sooner rather than later.

UPDATE Aug 5: It’s official! Infinite Horizon is back!

I picked up a copy of the latest issue of Previews on Wednesday. Flipping through the Image section while standing at the cash, lo and behold what do I see, but a solicitation for Infinite Horizon #5 – the penultimate chapter. I didn’t think I’d see the day.

And each issue from the series is available for re-order. If you haven’t read this one yet, ask your retailer to order the back issues. You will not be disappointed.

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Infinite Horizon’s endless deadline

Does anybody know what happened to this book  The Infinite Horizon? This Image comic started back in late 2007. But only four of the six issues have apparently shipped to date, and I’ve not even seen the 4th instalment. What’s keeping this book from shipping? How long will it take before we see the last book?

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