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R.I.P. Jean Giraud “Moebius” (Deceased March 10, 2012)

Jean Giraud’s vision and style best captured my favourite parts of science fiction comics. He helped me to see the world in different and exciting ways.

My copies of the Moebius collected works published by Marvel’s Epic imprint and issues of Blueberry are among the most prized books in my collection.

People are saying very nice things about him.

Neil Gaiman:

“I was — what — 14, and on a French Exchange to Paris with my class, and this beautiful magazine filled with comics opened my mind to what comics could be, and particularly to the art of Jean Giraud, AKA Moebius, who drew about half of the magazine in a way that seemed both familiar and completely alien, made it so powerful and perfect.”



“The Hermetic Garage, Arzach, Le Bandard Fou… And Blueberry that he did with Charlier. It’s an amazing body of work

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“Outside comics, if you enjoyed Fifth Element, Space Jam, the Abyss, Little Nemo, Willow, Tron or Alien, you enjoyed the work of Moebius.”

These images are by two of my favourite artists currently working: Francesco Francavilla (top) and Cliff Chiang (bottom).

And here is part 1 (of 3) from the BBC documentary Moebius Redux: A Life in Pictures (via Beef Knuckles)


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