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It’s Wednesday! (December 12, 2012)


It’s Wednesday again! Here are five books on shelves this week I’m adding to the top my read stack.

by: Ales Kot, Art by: Morgan Jeske

A foul-mouthed struggling screenwriter who moonlights as a car thief. An obscenely wealthy rapper completely disconnected from the real world. A dying cosmonaut on his way back to Earth.

Los Angeles is being toyed with by destructive forces that repeatedly find the city through time and swallow it whole, and those three are the only people able to save it – if they survive the fanatics who live in the hills, National Security Agency agents, and the horrors that lurk in the Pacific Ocean.

I mentioned this title in my earlier post about the wave of Image #1s. The premise is strange. The preview art is cool. I’m interested to see if it delivers.

image-clone#2-coverCLONE #2
by: David Schulner, Art by: Juan Jose Ryp & Felix Serrano

Dr. Luke Taylor’s world continues to unravel and open up as the hunt for his missing, and very much pregnant, wife continues. His clone counterparts show him just how many clones are out there – and how much the government had a role to play!

 Brian Wood, Artist: Declan Shalvey, Colorist: Dave Stewart

Brian Wood introduces Conan to a kind of fear he’s never experienced, in part two of “The Death”!

After the salvage of a derelict ship, a terrifying illness spreads swiftly throughout the Tigress, felling Bêlit and her entire crew. Healthy but fearful of losing Bêlit, Conan seeks help in a nearby town, where the welcome he recieves is just as deadly!

I’m not a Conan fan. I took a flyer on this series when it launched because Brian Wood was writing. – and I have yet to be disappointed. It consistently impresses me with its all-around quality.


THE HOLLOWS is a new, creator-owned miniseries from Chris Ryall (Zombies vs. Robots, KISS) and Sam Kieth (The MAXX, Arkham Asylum: Madness).

To combat the catastrophic death of a decaying Japan, survivors create genetically engineered supertrees-wooden leviathans capable of supporting entire cities suspended above the radioactive wastes below. Traveling via jetpacks to stay above the toxic air below, the survivors must also band together against the Hollows, irradiated husks whose humanity has been supplanted by an unquenchable desire to consume human energy!

I know very little more about this title other than what is included in the Diamond Previews solicitations. It’s written by IDW’s Editor-in-Chief/Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall but it’s the art duties by the one-and-only Sam Keith that has me giving this one a chance.

: Brian Wood, Artist: Garry Brown, Colorist: Dave Stewart

New arc! The Kapital stumbles upon a newly declared sovereign nation—a community of hundreds living on oil platforms with dreams of forming a new utopia. With the world’s governments and economies in shambles in the post-Crash world, is this new “country” the hope for the future that Callum Israel and Ninth Wave are looking for? Or is it the divisive issue that’ll bring his crew to their breaking point?

What is this Brian Wood week? Yes it is, in fact. I count three books that he writes this week:  Conan, Massive, and also Ultimate Comics X-Men.

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