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The coming of Cat-a-Lactus, pop culture devourer

I know very little about the Cat-a-Comb series by Brazilian illustrator Maicon Costa. I’ve highlighted a few comic book pieces here but he delves deep into geek culture for this series.

Is he building a body of work to show in a gallery exhibit? Does he intend on selling this pop art? Who can say, but he’s posted a lot of illustrations. (I lost count after 50)

Not into cartoon cats? Check out his cool Super Mario illustration.

The bio from his Tumblr feed:

I’m Maicon Costa, a designer and illustrator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Maicon = MCN.
I work on advertising the focusing on graphic design, advertising and illustration.

Well Maicon, thanks for sharing!

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Who pwns the Ponymen?

“You colts don’t understand. I’m not corralled in here with you, you’re corralled in here with me!” – Jakeshark

Watchponies vs Ponymen – the debate still rages. But everyone agrees, this is a great mashup. Bonus: I’ve discovered a My Little Pony subculture who are having a fun time mashing up the Ponies with comic book movie trailers.

Since the vast majority of people won’t know both Watchmen and My Little Pony, the players are:

Pinkie Pie is perfectly cast as Rorschach
Twilight Sparkle as Dr. Manhattan
Applejack as Nite Owl
Spike as Ozmandias
Rainbow Dash as The Comedian
Rarity as Silk Spectre


Read also: What if Jack Kirby drew My Little Pony?


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Watchmen mania!

Wired magazine has a big blowout comics package tied to the Watchmen movie:

Secret Lives of Comic Store Employees: http://tinyurl.com/ankfwo

Video – Gibbons on Comics: http://tinyurl.com/dgx85z

Q&A with Alan Moore: http://tinyurl.com/btmmeq

Q&A with Gibbons: http://tinyurl.com/cak7qh

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