Browsing the shelves and searching for something to pick up? This is a list of books I really enjoyed. I hope you like them too.

  • Unstable Molecules (Marvel)
  • It’s a Bird (Vertigo)
  • Young Liars, David Lapham (Vertigo)
  • The Wintermen (Wildstorm)
  • The Filth (Vertigo)
  • New X-Men, Grant Morrison (Marvel)
  • Essex Country trilogy, Jeff Lemire (Top Shelf)
  • Why Are You Doing This?, Jason (Fantagraphics)
  • Criminal, Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips (Icon)
  • Immortal Iron Fist, Ed Brubaker (Marvel)
  • Doom Patrol, Grant Morrison (DC)
  • Clyde Fans, Seth (Drawn + Quarterly)
  • 100 Bullets, Brian Azzarello (Vertigo)
  • Global Frequency, Warren Ellis (Wildstorm)
  • Planetary, Warren Ellis (Wildstorm)
  • DMZ, Brian Wood (Vertigo)
  • Powers, Brian M. Bendis (vol 1 of the series, pre-Icon)