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Chris Sheridan draws nifty superheroes (and more)

Vulnerable. Fragile. Sometimes frumpy. I really enjoy when an artist is able to draw a hero’s humanity out and lay it onto the page.

Enter Chris Sheridan. I can best describe his style as a cross between Jeff Lemire and Farel Dalrymple – two artists whose work I adore.

Sheridan, who hails from Seattle, puts the vulnerability at the forefront but his characters are never weak — there’s a hidden strength behind his lines. Just check out this Superman. Delicious.

On the right is a page of inked work from an unpublished story he’s hoping to have ready for next convention season.

Check out his blog, Powder Keg Comics, for lots more great work.

(via ComicsAlliance)


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Hero Worship

St. Kryptonia and Temptation of Robin by Hillary White on Society 6.

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Batman and Robin – too cute to be bitter

Poor Robin, always living in the shadow of a Bat. (Strange irony.)

I don’t know Batman mythology well enough, but if I had to guess, I would say Tim Drake is behind that mask. (Batfans please chime in.)

Did I say Batfan?

Art by Farnell. You can buy these and his other prints at Society 6.

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The world needs more Seal cover songs (Batman and Robin video parody)

Batman & Robin on a scooter. The Joker’s playground prison. A shirtless chubby guy singing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I clicked on this video, but clearly it has everything. (Did I mention the homoeroticism?)

Thank you Matt Mulholland.

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Batman barista bonanza

I take my Dark Knight with one sugar.

This beautiful work of art brings together two of my favourite things: comics and coffee. I’ve often considered opening an espresso bar that also sold comics. Dare to dream.

More coffee art (including Darth Vader and Boba Fett) at Buzzfeed.

(via Comics Alliance)

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