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Mario clones invade the Marvel and DC universes

Was I right or was I right? The Mario comics invasion is nearly complete. (Mario Wonder Woman is especially frightening.)

Hello Lafratta documents the clones discovery.

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Has Mario Bros. invaded Marvel Universe?

Forget the Brood, Phalanx and Skrulls. The heroes of Marvel U have a new evil to contend with and its names are Mario and Luigi: the Super Mario Bros.

There are enough Mario/Marvel mashups sightings on the Web to suggest a full-scale invasion by the Nintendo game series cast is underway.

Exhibit AMario vs X-Men (above) – is courtesy of Casey Edwards. The four images above (11×17 each) are available for purchase as a set from his online store. There’s also some pretty interesting stuff in his DeviantArt gallery.

Exhibit B is Mushroom Avenged – aka Mario vs Avengers – by Matt Dearden. I don’t know enough Avengers trivia nor have the patience to research whether this was ever an official lineup. But Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have apparently fallen to the same fate as their mutant counterparts and replaced by Princess Peach and her gang of bruisers.

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Our third Exhibit this evening – Donkey Kong vs the Fantastic Four – is an inspired Anthony Vukojevich version of Jack Kirby and Sol Brodsky’s cover to Fantastic Four #26 for Robert Goodin’s blog Covered. The site showcases artist work interpreting comic book covers and features some truly awesome pieces. At the right is the original Kirby cover from 1964.

(via iamthedeadpool, 0wlbearelyshatheriddell)

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Is Josh Weaton really Joss Whedon?

Josh Weaton - Avengers director

Joss Whedon - Buffy fame

Someone popped up on Twitter about a month and a half ago calling himself Josh Weaton and tweeting about the upcoming Avengers movie he claims to be directing.

Is this Joss Whedon in disguise?

Their Twitter bio pics certainly look similar to one another.

Whedon hasn’t Tweeted since November. Weaton’s account appears to have begun in March.

Joss Whedon has 10,000+ followers. Josh Weaton is closing in fast at 570+ followers as of this writing (there were 188 followers only 24 hours ago).

Is it a Skrull cover-up or could they be one and the same person? After all, Batman has been masquerading as Spider-Man for nearly 40 years.

Follow and decide.

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Marvel makes me sad

Enter the Heroic Age #1

Someone at Marvel Comics made a big mistake.

Every so often, Marvel does something that makes me feel like I’ve been taken as a consumer. This time, it was charging $4 for a book titled “Enter the Heroic Age,” a bungled promotion of the company’s latest creative project.

If you haven’t bought it, don’t bother. Your money is better spent on one of  books that Marvel is tying into their Heroic Age reboot project reprinted in here. At least you’ll get a full story. Instead we get 8 pages pulled straight from upcoming issues of five titles: Thunderbolts, Atlas, Black Widow, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, and Avenger Academy.

This book should be free. I would even tolerate $1 to cover the printing and shipping costs. I mean Vertigo makes entire first issues available for $1, like the recently launched cool monster book I, Zombie.

Enter… is barely a step up from the free Marvel Previews that retailers are shoving in bags with their customers’ purchases. And the book doesn’t even feature the most compelling pages from each book. For instance, why doesn’t the Thunderbolts preview show off Man-Thing, Juggernaut and Moonstone?

For anyone at Marvel that happens to stumble upon this blog post: Please tell me, whose decision was this?


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